Dawrius Walema

In the realm of high school and youth sports, there are few accomplishments as prestigious as making the EXACT 11 Watchlist. Among the best of the best, these athletes shine brightly, showcasing not only their talent on the field but also their dedication, resilience, and passion for the game. One such standout is Dawrius Walema, […]

Joseph Patrick Anderson

In the world of youth sports, there are few accolades as prestigious as being recognized for excellence, and one young athlete who embodies this spirit of achievement is Joseph Patrick Anderson. Rising through the ranks with determination and skill, Joseph has not only made a name for himself on the field but has also captured […]

Luke Berlin

In the world of youth sports, where dreams take shape and resilience is tested, there emerges a figure whose dedication and passion for the game shine brightly – Luke Berlin. Hailing from Taylor, Arizona, this young quarterback from the Blue Ridge Yellow Jackets has etched his name in the annals of high school sports by […]

Gabriel Terrazas

In the heart of El Paso, Texas, a young athlete is making waves in the world of high school football. Gabriel Terrazas, also known as @thegr8_gt on Instagram and @GabrielTerra77 on Twitter, has captured the attention of sports enthusiasts and scouts alike. With his sights set on excellence both on and off the field, Terrazas […]

Jordan Armstrong

In the bustling world of youth sports, where dreams are nurtured and talents are honed, one young athlete shines brightly among the rest. Jordan Armstrong, a quarterback hailing from Belleville, New Jersey, has captured hearts and minds with his exceptional skill set and unwavering dedication to the game of football. Recently, Armstrong achieved a remarkable […]

Eden Ramos

In the world of youth sports, where dreams take flight on the wings of dedication and passion, one athlete stands out among the rest. Eden Ramos, a formidable force on the football field from Edinburg North High in Texas, has captured the hearts of many with his hard work, resilience, and unwavering spirit. Making his […]

David M. Maddox Jr

In the realm of high school and youth athletics, there exist rare individuals who embody the essence of dedication, resilience, and raw talent. One such standout within this sphere is David M. Maddox Jr, a young Wide Receiver and Safety hailing from the bustling city of Chicago, IL. From his roots at Hyde Park Academy […]

Amare DuBoise

In the heart of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, a young football prodigy is making waves on and off the field. Amare DuBoise, a talented wide receiver from Freedom High School, has recently been recognized for his exceptional skills by earning a spot on the prestigious EXACT 11 Watchlist. This honor is a testament to Amare’s unwavering dedication, […]

Christian Davis

In the realm of youth sports, where dreams are nurtured, challenges overcome, and triumphs celebrated, a young athlete emerges as a beacon of skill, determination, and promise. Christian Davis, a standout receiver from Manchester SMSA, has captured the hearts and minds of sports enthusiasts with his exceptional talents on the football field. Recently, Christian achieved […]

Maron Amos

In the realm of youth sports, certain individuals shine brightly, their talent and dedication setting them apart from the rest. Maron Amos, a rising star from the vibrant city of Philadelphia, has captivated the attention of scouts and analysts alike with his outstanding performances on the football field. As he secures a spot on the […]

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